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Code/Field Name (if applicable): Shatterstar

Legal Name: None on Earth. In Mojoworld, his proper designation according to Mojo V is Gaveedra-Seven.

Place of Birth: Mojoworld pens.

Age: Looks about 21 by Earth reckoning.

Affiliation/Faction: None currently. X-Force previously on Earth. Cadre Alliance on Mojoworld.

Marital/Relationship Status: Single.

Fighting Skills: Shatterstar is genetically bred to be the perfect fighting machine. He has mastered all Mojoworld fighting styles so he is on Earth to learn to master more in the hopes of eventually finding some way to overthrow Mojo. Blunt and straightforward does not seem to be working.

Other Skills: He has enough technological knowledge to do simple repairs to alien technology.

Powers (if applicable): Has an enhanced biorestorative metabolism and heals injuries at a superhuman rate. He has enhanced speed, strength, stamina and senses. He can also resonate a vibratory shockwave through the metalluric properties of his swords, even from a distance, though this power physically weakens him.

Special Limitations: Has a severe distrust of going anywhere without his swords. He is also highly unfamiliar with most Earth culture at large.

Source of Powers (if applicable): Genetic engineering by Arize.

Physical Description: 6'3". Blues eyes. Long red-blond hair. Black eight-pointed star tattooed over his eye.

Personality: Shatterstar spent his formative years fending for himself. This upbringing taught him self-reliance and confidence before everything and to distrust others. He finds himself drawn to a Spartan philosophy. After he learns to trust a companion, he will cleave to him or her like the family he never had.

History: Born a slave under Mojo V, Shatterstar trained from an early age to fight with weapons. Mojo's insatiable need to make sure the masses had the bloodiest fights for viewing made him capture aliens from wherever the Mojoverse could reach, and Shatterstar and his fellow slaves were trained in various forms of attack and defense. Even as a young child, he was forced to fight in the large televised arena against other children as well as animals not considered a threat to older, more experienced fighters. His daily routine in his youth began with a strict regimen of calisthenics followed by training in the pits. Every hour he trains with a different master, each focusing on different methods of fighting and teaching him ways to prepare himself to survive and put on a good show. After a noon meal, Shatterstar was set to spar in the arena, focusing on different tactics and scenarios – some meant for the individual and some done in pairs. Despite the harsh schedule, there were times to hear low murmurs about how Mojoworld had not always been under the heel of a Spineless One. How a Fallen Messiah had escaped it only to bring back ways to defeat the first and second Mojos.